Grace is role-played by Alice.

Grace Alexes Flowers

Member of The Olympic Coven

Vital Statistics
Born November 8th
Age 17
Family Nolan Flowers-Husband, Zander Flowers-Son, Renesmee Flowers-Daughter, Zane Nocturne-Dad, Lori Nocturne-Mom
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Bronze
Status Alive
This info box was created by Alice

Grace was born as a human, conceived by Lori and Zane Nocture. She met Nolan Flowers(Based off Edward Cullen) and soon fell for him. Since she was born in the 70's, She wasnt much like others, Nolan had liked that, In the current year-2020- Nolan had propsed to her, she excepted greatfully that she had someone to love. About 4 months later they conceived 2 children, half mortal half immortal. During their birth, Grace died. Nolan noticed her heart stopped and order his father-Carlisle Flowers- To turn her. But he couldnt. So Nolan did it himself, Grace came to life and Nolan was happy. She wanted the children, as her power was being a tame newborn. Nolan had given her the children, cautiously. The worst part, Grace's best friend, Jacob Black IV had imprinted among her daughter Renesmee. Grace fell back out for a few days. When she woke up, Nolan was by her side clutching onto her hand for dear life. Grace asked for the children as Jacob came into the room "Grace" Jacob had said in his calmest manor "Im really sorry. Its a wolf thing. I didnt want to tell you but she" he said and sneered at Violet "made me" he told her about imprinting on Renesmee. With her newborn strength, Grace threw Jacob out of the window. Jacob wasnt hurt but he shifted into a wolf and howled. Grace had said this made her feel better. "Grace, dont, Stop her Nolan!" Izzy yelled Nolan insisted she could handle herself, she ended up injuring 5 wolfs instead