Kaylee Black is roleplayed by Alice.

Kaylee Lauren Black

Member of The Quilete Pack

Vital Statistics
Born January 13th
Age 18
Family Jacob Black-Dad, Renesmee Black-Mom, Bella Cullen-Grandmother, Edward Cullen-Grandfather
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
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Kaylee was born to Jacob and Renesmee on January 13th. She was born a vampire since her mother was one. Her father was a wolf but she didnt inherit that from him. Kaylee grew at a fast paced speed. She had a friend, a wolf, who imprinted on her. His name was Sam Uley II. He date her, never left her side or anything. This hadn't KILLED her, but she found it very annoying. She decided to date the boy just to make him happy and it did make him very happy. Kaylee was given a promise band. A promise that Sam would marry her. Kaylee decided she would and she was very happy. Sam and her got married a few years ago but she refused to change her last name to Uley. Sam was disappointed but he had understood and didn't pester her about it. Her parents did not like the fact that she married Sam Uleys son, Jacob and Sam hadn't gotten along very well even though they were from the same pack. The children were happy together though. They werent children, they were 18, it was very legal for them to marry. The parent of Sam left it aside but the parents of Kaylee did not they did not want her to be married to Sam, but eventually they had given up as well and let their daughter be happy. They remembered Bella and Edward at that moment they gave up. The moral they were thinking was let true love be. They let Kaylee be happy, no longer interfering with her love life. They still weren't happy but they said she could stay with Sam