Reina is role-played by Alice.

Reina Sophia Marie Starke

Member of The Quilete Pack

Vital Statistics
Born June 19
Age 16
Family Larsen Starke-Brother, Danielle Starke-Sister
Gender Female
Species Wolf
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
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Reina was born into the Quilete Pack, by her parents Logan and Virginia Starke. When she was 15 she found out about being a wolf from her growth spurt and hair growth. She and her friends Jacob Black IV and Embry Call V were all wolfs who tried to protect the vampires and humans like their parents, Logan Starke, Jacob Black and Embry Call. As they protected the creatures, their parents were proud. But one day, Reina and Embry heard Jacob and they other Quiletes planning to kill Brayson, a human who was very faithful to the vampires