Topaz is role-played by Rosalie.


Topaz Drita Lurrel-Frost

The Nice Vampire

Vital Statistics
Born 5/3
Age 17
Family Carter Frost-Boyfriend
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
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About Topaz

Topaz was born to Kate Hudson-Lurrel and Jeremy Lurrel on May 3rd. She was born to them as a vampire of the Greek's coven. She didn't like being a vampire at first but she met another vampire who was born to the same coven. She liked this vampire. His name was Carter Frost. Her and Carter started dating when they were 7. She was pleased, and her parents were glad that Topaz had finally found someone to love her. Kate and Carter's mom Edina had told the 2 that they were going to be going into battle since they were immortal children. The family prepared the 2 for battle against the Volturi.

Kate and Jeremy were quite sad on the day they had to send their loved daughter out to battle the Volturi. But when the Greek Coven's children were successful in battle, Jeremy and Kate were proud of their child. But when the children came home without Topaz, worry struck Kate and Jeremy. Carter told them Topaz's plan. Her plan was to go to spain and overcome the Volturi. Carson, as the future teller, told the, Topaz would be home. When Topaz didn't come home, as promised, Kate and Jeremy held a search to find the girl. Jasmine, a girl from the Denali Coven found Topaz in Venice, Italy. Jasmine brought Topaz to her parents.